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Some php and MySQL interview Questions

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Some php and MySQL interview Questions

Most PHP systems which require a database rely on MySQL. These questions are focused on MySQL and databases.

  1.      How would you fix a corrupt table in a database?
  2.       What is a primary key?
  3.      What is an inner join? Left join? Right join? How are they different?
  4.       Write a simple query for me to query all of the columns in a particular table.
  5.      You have two tables which are connected via a unique ID. Write a query which will query both tables based on that unique ID.
  6.     You have a table with an unknown number of records. You want to delete half of the records. You don’t care which records are            deleted. What’s the most efficient way to do it?
  7. How would you create a new table in MySQL?
  8. What is a stored procedure? When would you use a stored procedure? Have you ever written a stored procedure?
  9. What is the difference between GROUP BY and ORDER BY?
  10. What is UNIQUE used for?
  11. What is DISTINCT used for?
  12. What is a temporary table?
  13. How would you select data into a temporary table?
  14. How do you delete records in MySQL?
  15. What is an alias? What would you use it for?
  16. How do you encrypt data in MySQL?
  17. What is a table index? Why would you use it?



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