Bootstrap 4 Code

Bootstrap 4 Code

Learn  use of  Bootstrap 4 Code classes 

Bootstrap 4 Basic Code

Bootstrap 4 provides a set of classes to style inline code snippets and longer and multiple lines of code content. These classes can be used to show code distinct from the surrounding.


Bootstrap 4 Inline Code

To Wrap inline code snippets use code, but escape HTML angle brackets

<p>Use <code><code></code> is used to wrap inline code.</p>

Bootstrap 4 Preformatted Text

Multiple lines of code can be highlighted using <pre> , all angle brackets must be escaped. You can also use class .pre-scrollable , to set a maximum height of 350px, and provide a scrollbar along y-axis.

<p>Image : Code <pre><img src="tintin.jpg" alt="Tintin" /></pre> .</p>
          <!-- element <pre> -->

 Bootstrap 4 Variables

To Denote variables within your code use <var>

<var>a</var> = <var>b</var><var>c</var> + <var>a</var>
<!-- element <var> -->

Bootstrap 4 User Input

To use input entered using Keyboard use <kbd>

<p>To Open the Task Manager in Windows press 
<kbd><kbd>ctrl</kbd> + <kbd>shift</kbd> + <kbd>delete</kbd></kbd></p>
       <!--  <kbd> -->

 Bootstrap 4 Sample Output

To Denote sample output from programs use <samp>

<samp>Output : The Total length of the input string is 34.</samp>
      <!-- element <samp> -->


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