Bootstrap 4 Introduction

Bootstrap 4 Introduction

What is Bootstrap 4  framework

Bootstrap 4 is the most popular front end framework in the history of world wide web for developing responsive mobile first websites and web based applications. It givesa huge number of typography, components and javascript plugins which can be used to create fully functional, and beautifull websites in no time. The components acts as independent modules which can be combined with other modules to create professional looking website so fast.

Features of Bootstrap Framework

Reusability :

The most important feature of Bootstrap framework is reusability, i.e you need not rewrite code for various sections of the page.Instead use Readymade components provided by Bootstrap framework directly within your code.Thus saving precious man hours for code writing and maintenance.

Consistency :

Bootstrap framework is based on component as the building block, hence the code is uniform and consitent throughout.This feature is useful to make implementation of modification and changes quickly. You can also use ready to use code snippets and not bother about compatability across different browsers.

Grid Layout:

Bootstrap layout has upto  12 columns based on size of viewport . Different layouts can be  diclear  for different screen sizes with automatic break point to switch to specific CSS  settings.

Customization :

Bootstrap Allows to customize its features. you can use  and drop ones not require in youre Designing structure

Community : 

Bootstrap has a large community base, which comprises of large enterprises, startups and a number of high traffic websites. Hence, a lot of problems and solutions are available easily. Its an open source project , hosted on Github.You track the development and see records related to errors and bugs.




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