what is html and html 5

HTML Hypertext Markup Language

About HTML

The full name of is HTML Hypertext Markup Language.
World Wide Web (WWW) components and instruments to create different types of documents ,
To display the data in browser or present and format information in web page the language which uses mostly, that is HTML.

Html is the  high edition of standard Generalised Markup Language (SGML). At first  Tim Berners-Lee invented Html in 1990 when he was working in Geneva CERN .Then W3c Html 3.0 published in January 1997. In The same year on December W3C HTML 4.2 was published .
The present edition of HTML is HTML5. HTML 5 is basically consisted of 3 scripting language with some Markup Tags .
HTML5  is made up with HTML ,CSS and Javascript .HTML Web page document can be up by any type of Text Editor.
To save this just use .htm or .html Extention  at the end of file name. To learn Notepad++ is good to used.



The Latest version of Html removed some tag of HTML 4.2. And Added Some new Tags.

Removed Tags :

<acronym>, <applet>,<basefont>,<big>,<center>,<frame>,<frameset>,<isindex>,<noframes>,<s>,<striker>,<tt>,<u>.
New Added Tags : <header>,<section>,<aside>,<footer>,<figcaption>,<figure>,<articles>,<bdi>,<details>,<dialog>,<main>,<mark>,<menuitem>,<meter>,<nav>,<progress>,<rp>,<rt>,<ruby>,<summery><time>,<wrv>

Advantage Of HTML:

Html language is easy to learn. Web pages can be created by using some easy tags.
Html is Platform Indepandent Language Thats Why It support on any device. html can be write on any text editor like notepad++, sublime text, Dreamweaver, windows text editor etc.



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